Designing for Dad - 5 Key Elements to Make Dad Art for Art Licensing

Designing for Dad - 5 Key Elements to Make Dad Art for Art Licensing

When it comes to designing greeting cards and gift products for Father's Day, understanding the references of what makes dad-themed artwork resonate is crucial. At Pure Art Licensing, we recognize that the diverse interests of fathers guide our customers as to what content they want to see in 'Designs for Dad'. We have identified five key elements that should be considered in new artwork destined for Art Licensing by publishers and manufacturers. From the love of beer to the passion for outdoor pursuits, work-related themes, cars, and the DIY spirit, our guide will help you create compelling designs that capture the essence of Dad.

Designing for Dad - Art Licensing Imagery for Father's Day and all related male celebrations

1. Beer - just about every Dad Loves Beer:

There's something universal about the idea of a dad enjoying a cold beer after a long day. Incorporating beer-related elements into your artwork adds a relatable touch. Think about including images of frothy mugs, beer bottles, or even dad-centric beer labels. Whether he's a craft beer connoisseur or a fan of classic brews, beer-themed artwork is a surefire way to connect with dads of all kinds.


Designing for Dad - Art Licensing Imagery for Father's Day and all related male celebrations


2. Outdoor Pursuits - From Fishing to Football:

Dads often have a love for outdoor activities, whether it's a peaceful day of fishing, an exhilarating hike, hitting the slopes for skiing, or a friendly game of football. Capture these moments in your artwork by incorporating scenes of nature, fishing rods, hiking boots, footballs, or ski equipment. You could include maps as backgrounds or collage multiple activities to appeal to a wider market. Showcasing a range of outdoor pursuits ensures that your designs resonate with dads who have these interests.


Designing for Dad - Art Licensing Imagery for Father's Day and all related male celebrations

3. Work - Ties, Suits, Briefcases, and Beyond:

Some dads spend a significant portion of their lives at work, and incorporating work-related elements into your designs can strike a chord. Think about classic office symbols such as ties, suits, briefcases, laptops, and phones. Whether he's a corporate professional or a remote worker, these symbols of work life add a personal touch to your Father's Day designs.


Designing for Dad - Art Licensing Artwork - Illustration for Father's Day

4. Cars & Automobiles - Nuts, Bolts, and Steering Wheels:

For many dads, the love of cars and all things automotive is a lifelong affair. Integrate car-related elements into your artwork, such as nuts and bolts, wheels and tires, and steering wheels. Whether he's a car enthusiast or simply appreciates a smooth ride, these symbols evoke a sense of speed and adventure that appeals to dads of all ages.


image credit Sugar Pickle Designs - link in the image to their Etsy page

    5. DIY - Tools, Cables, and Wood Backgrounds:

    Rightly or wrongly Dads are often seen as the go-to fixers of things around the house. Embrace the DIY spirit by incorporating tools like cables, screws, rulers, hand saws, drills, and wood backgrounds into your designs. These elements not only reflect the hands-on nature of many dads but also celebrate their ability to tackle household projects with skill and determination.
    Just being there. Designing for DAD at Pure Art Licensing
    6. Bonus Element - Just Being There!
    Many Father's Day cards simply celebrate the unsung heroes, the fathers who excel not just in the spotlight but in the quiet moments of everyday life. Messaging to the dads who offer unwavering support, understanding, and a comforting presence, becoming the pillars of strength for their families. Get your heartfelt message across and your design will fly off the shelves.

      Designing for Dad requires a thoughtful blend of elements that resonate with the varied interests of fathers. By incorporating beer, outdoor pursuits, work-related themes, cars, and DIY elements into your artwork, you can create captivating designs that appeal to a broad audience. At Pure Art Licensing, we encourage artists to infuse their creativity into these key elements, ensuring that each Father's Day product tells a unique and heartfelt story.

      We have Art Licensing customers who are looking for Dad related artwork year-round. They make ceramics, paper tableware, greeting cards, gift bags, textiles and packaging of all descriptions. We also license artwork to food & drink manufacturers so think outside the box. Will your artwork be used on a beer label, or on the brewery website? You never know!

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