At Pure Art Licensing, we specialize in providing unique illustrations and artwork tailored to a diverse range of products and purposes. Our clientele encompasses publishers of greetings cards and stationery items, gift manufacturers, fine art framers, packaging companies, creative agencies, magazines, newspaper publishers, book publishers, and textile manufacturers.

With an extensive collection of more than 10,000 original designs and illustrations, we offer exclusive licensing opportunities within your region and industry. We agree both royalty based and flat fee licenses. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you in finding exactly what you're looking for. You can effortlessly explore our collections or utilize the user-friendly navigation menus and search area above to locate specific content that meets your requirements.


In 2014, we took a momentous step by reducing our agency commission from 35% to an industry-leading 25% for sales in the UK. This adjustment was made to ensure our remarkable artists receive a fairer fee that truly reflects the dedication and effort they pour into their designs.

  • Pure Art Licensing Agents Supply artwork for Greeting Cards & Gift Bags Worldwide
  • Pure Art Licensing Agency - Artwork for Greeting Cards - International
  • Pure Art Licensing Agency International - We supply publishers like Woodmansterne with artwork for their greetings cards
  • Pure Art Licensing supply artwork to WhSmith UK
  • Hallmark is one of our biggest customers - Pure Art Licensing Agency International


Pure has been in business since 2006 & since then we have represented a wide variety of artists and illustrators. Most of our creative team have been with us for many years and we are approached by up to 50 potential illustrators and artists every month. We're proud of the sales we've made for our team over the years & we are driven to make many more. We always need new artwork to show our customers and we are always happy to hear from established artists in our industry.

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We are always Looking for new Creatives to join the Team

Join Pure Art Licensing Agency as an Artist / Designer


Pure have been in the Art Licensing business for 16 years and we have developed an extensive client list of publishers and manufacturers who need artwork for their products from all corners of the globe.

You may already have an agent - but we are confident that we work with the same customers and can increase your sales through our relationships with the right buyers.


We believe that our Artists & Designers come first. Without the input of their great artwork we would have nothing to market & sell.

And so we decided in 2016 to reduce our commission in the UK so that our artists & designers receive a better fee per design, in an industry where the market rate for freelance artwork has not increased in over 20 years!

We believe that our commission is the lowest in the industry at 25% for all UK licenses and 35% for the USA. - Contact us for a more detailed breakdown


We're not a huge agency & we don't want to be. We feel that the bigger an agent becomes the less personal the artist / agent relationship becomes. Big agencies are under constant stress to cover overheads & expenses, and we don't do stress. We've been doing this for 16 years now and our approach seems to work.

We're always here to chat with our artists & designers and it doesn't always need to be about work. Most of our current creatives have been with Pure for many years. We're friendly, not demanding, and we respect the friendships we have with our team.

We'll always have new ideas for your portfolio and are here to assist you in the design process as much, or as little, as you need. But it's a two way street and the more an artist stays in touch with us this more we can focus our advice &b updates on them.

Finally - We don't hold your high res files - so every new deal will be explained to you and requires your consent before we ask you to send a usable high res file and proceed.


We are always grateful when potential new Artists & Designers get in touch. The best way to submit your work is by creating a pdf of some of your imagery and emailing it to us with your background information. Submit Here